Company Profile

Company Profile

       Green Motive Technology Limited

       Was founded in 2011, with industry leading technology of frequency conversion and IOT technology as the core, expanding its application field, become China's leading scheme of frequency conversion technology and intelligent home appliances overall solutions provider, frequency conversion technology and IOT technology covers household appliances, electric tools, industrial control and new energy vehicles and other related industries. The company currently has Shanghai, hefei, wuxi, Qingdao and other research and development center and production base, distribution centers, has a strong research and development strength and perfect sales and after-sales service system.


       Company at the present stage in four aspects, namely, mainly household appliances washing machine frequency conversion inverter platform, give priority to with the Internet refrigerator andirod color system, give priority to with wifi module of ecological, Internet of things is given priority to with intelligent control of color screen display and touch products have become the industry leader in inside, the cumulative registration soft amounted to more than 20, more than 30 to apply for patents, and has obtained a patent for invention authorization. In addition to the domestic market, the company has actively expanded the overseas market and applied for the PCT patent to increase international competitiveness.


       The company's strategic partners include famous enterprises such as whirlpool, haier, hisense, midea, rongsheng, Siemens, Bosch, spitzer, yunmi, TCL, ali, jingdong and suning

In January 2016, the company completed the listing of the new third board (stock code 835421) and was rated as "the most growing company on the new third board".


       The company sticks to the concept of "innovation", constantly challenges itself, and works with partners to significantly improve people's lives, so as to make people's lives more green, intelligent and happy!